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Is This Your Story?

Time after time in meetings my voice is not heard.  Job promotions slip by me. I I have a lot to give to the world, but I am stagnating.  I have a sense of destiny and want to lead, but my vision is muddled.   I can’t break the barriers holding me back.  

I need a safe space to focus, raise my self-awareness and confidence, and take ownership of my future.  I want a rewarding and balanced life so I can rejoice in having fulfilled my leadership potential in creating a sounder and safer workplace and world.  


We help women leverage their talent by helping them to:

Be better leaders and organizational visionaries
Transform behaviors to seize leadership opportunities
Inspire, influence, guide and motivate others
Build confidence and career clarity
Create a balanced and purposeful life

The Monarch Center helps women like you to realize their dreams, have a balanced life and fulfill their leadership potential.  Contact Dr. Merida Johns by email or phone and explore how we can be of service to you.

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A seminal event in 2009 was the tipping point when I said “Enough!” and founded The Monarch Center (TMC).  Over the course of four decades working in academia and executive positions, I observed competent women overlooked for executive promotion and their voices ignored in meetings, their ideas hijacked or disregarded and outmoded stereotypes applied to their leadership capabilities. I saw women putting in long work hours, yet not getting credit or receiving equal pay for their substantial contributions. 

I know that smart companies having the best records for promoting women outstrip their competition on on every measure of profitability.   So why are women held back?  A cluster of barriers stop women in their tracks.   Many of these are within their power to reverse and I was determined to help women with these:  raising their confidence, leveraging their personal strengths, focusing their vision and taking ownership of their future for a full, but balanced life. 

I believe that by helping women help themselves, women can fulfill their life, leadership and economic potential.  If you want me to help you in your quest I'm just an email or phone call away. Let’s explore leadership and wellbeing coaching and telecourse options that may work for you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I invite you to join TMC's community and complimentary monthly Toast to Leadership:  Virtual Ladies Night Out.  See below for details.

A Toast to Leadership! 
Monthly Ladies Night Out Complimentary Teleconferences
Find the leadership within and make a difference

Join women from all parts of the globe the first Wednesday of each month for a night out devoted to YOUR leadership journey.  Enjoy discussion, exercises, reflections, and action based on the book 52 Week Game Changer: How She Leads and interviews with women executives and thought leaders.

Come for one or more teleconference......whatever fits your schedule
 First Wednesday each month from 7:15 - 8:15 PM Central Time 


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Books Helping You to Change The Game!

52-Week Game Changer:  How She LEADS by Merida Johns, PhD

Successful educator, consultant, business woman and health information management professional, Merida Johns’ belief in herself was like a magnet for opening opportunities and attracting those who wanted to get on her bandwagon.  Her newest book, 52 Week Game Changer: How She LEADS, is a 52-week coaching companion that helps other women HIM professionals do the same.  Any woman who wants to inspire and lead others, fulfill her leadership and economic potential and Break the Glass ceiling must purchase and take up the challenge in this 52-week game changer. $29.95

Leadership Development for Health Care

Organizations are seeking professionals who can lead operational effectiveness and efficiency in a complicated environment.  They want professionals who are committed to excellence, act ethically, embrace change and can inspire and motivate others to develop and use their talents in creating an environment where people and organizations flourish.

Leadership Development for Healthcare: A Pathway, Process, and Workbook helps you leverage your strengths, generate personal change, expand your personal awareness and guide you in acquiring the characteristics and behaviors of authentic, ethical, team, and visionary leadership.

Available at and major online booksellers.

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Women Now Backbone of American Economy 

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